Determining if I’m a “Good Candidate”

Once I decided I’d move forward with getting the ExoSym devices, I reached out to the Hanger Clinic. They told me the first step was to fill out a number of forms including a questionnaire to determine if I was a good candidate for the devices. It asked things like what I could and couldn’t do, knee rotation, pain levels, past surgeries and interventions, and such.

They also asked for me to send in a video of me walking to help Ryan in his decision on my candidacy. Below is what I sent in. I was hurting that day so this really shows how I walk on the bad days. With shoes on, and my orthotics in with the lift in the right shoe, it’s not quite so bad. (Please forgive the mess in the background. House remodeling causes for stacks of stuff in the rest of the house…)

I have to admit, it was such a leap for me to decide to go for these devices, I was so worried after all that psyching myself up I’d be denied. I sat on pins and needles waiting for a response. The truth is, you don’t want to pay for these things and have them not be any help at all. It’s hard to wait for that email, but I knew if I got it there was no turning back.

Two days later, the email came: “Ryan has reviewed the questionnaire and feels you would be a good fit for the ExoSym device.”

Oh, happy day.

Then started the process of getting insurance approval.


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