Resources & Links

Below are several links and resources I’ve found helpful in research and ongoing support:

Facebook Groups

Adult/Teens With Clubfoot

IDEO/ExoSym Device For Active Duty Service Members, Veterans
and Civilians

Stories and Blogs from Others

Jennie Jackson’s website (a Clubbie in New Zealand with one device who came to the US on her own dime and has incredible stories to share)

Beth Shaver’s ExoSymplyAmazing Website (the first woman to get the ExoSym who shares others’ stories, fashion advice, inspiration and encouragement. She’s AWESOME, or, #ExoSymplyAmazing.)

Lisa Kramer’s Website (crossfit goddess with clubfoot and the ExoSym. Talk about inspiration!)

ExoSym/Hanger Clinic

ExoSym page at the Hanger Clinic has tons of information.

Other Helpful Links

Odd Size Shoe Finder – a place to find shoes of different sizes

Body to Die For – Facebook page with lots of helpful exercises to strengthen up all parts of the body, including those needed for the ExoSym!