Shoe Sources and Tips

As an elite ExoSym owner, the perhaps number one ongoing concern is shoes. As a Clubbie, it’s just a new way of dealing with the same old problem – how to find shoes that fit, are comfortable and don’t make you look like a 70-year-old retirement home resident.

And then there is the shoe maintenance and other issues with making your ExoSym play nice with your shoes. As I try out and find tips and tricks, I’m posting them here for easy reference. If you find something that works that isn’t here, please drop me a note!


The folks at the Hanger Clinic have a book highlighting a few shoes. As of July 2016, this is the list:

New Balance

Men’s Black/Yellow Snow Boot MO1000BY

880v3 Running Shoe for Men and Women

Men’s MO625HCB boot

Men’s MW1569 Country Walking Boot Men’s MW1569 Country Walking Boot

Men’s 1099 Hiking Boots

1500 Rainier Boot (Men’s and Women’s)

990v3 walking shoe (Men’s and Women’s)

880v3 running shoe ( Men’s and Women’s)

1540 running shoe (Men’s and Women’s) – this is the one they give out at the clinic


Kayak 19 (Men’s and Women’s)





ExoSym User Picks

ExoSym-er and blogger Beth Shaver swears by her trusty Brooks Glycerin 14. These only come in anything other than “wide,” but try them on to know their last for certain.

Another double ExoSym-er on the ExoSym Facebook page was pleased to discover she fit into the Propet Telluride Boot. Lots of wide sizes to try out.

An ExoSymer responding to the post about the Telluride Boot posted her love for the Propet men’s blizzard boot and the Propet men’s navigator boot, as well as the Propet Women’s Pedic Walker sandal for minimal walking.

Shoe Sources and Resources

Wide Shoes Only – An amazing store in Renton and Edmonds, Washington, that will work with you to find the perfect fit. These people take the time to try on a number of shoes and teach you about what you need to look for in the ideal casual and dress shoe. They’ll order shoes for you and ship them to you. A DEFINITE stop when in town for your ExoSym.

Different Size Shoes Resources – This wonderful page on offers some great researched resources for different sized shoe options. Her child has AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthosis), so there are a lot of tips for parents too on this site.

The Wide Shoes – lots of shoes to choose from as well as a handy shoe size measurement tool.

South Sound Running – A local shop to the Hanger Clinic, located in Tacoma, Washington. They’ll work with ExoSym folks for mismatched pairs of shoes at no extra cost if your feet are different sizes thanks to the ExoSym, and will ship out of state.

Healthy Feet Store – Thanks to Double ExoSym-er Abbie Mortimer for this tip. This store offers a discount on different sized shoes while also offering advice on determining just how much, if really, your feet are different sized.

Shoe Tips

Squeaking – A big complaint, easily remedied with a little baby or talcum powder. Also, some duct tape around the heal does the trick as well.


Device sliding around in shoe (also causing it to wear through) – Dycem was a recommendation I read from another ExoSym user. You can find it on Amazon here: Dycem 50-1502G Non-Slip Material Roll, 8″ x 3-1/4′, Forest Green

Zubits – These little guys use 18lbs of pressure to hold laces together and make for a larger opening for getting your foot into shoes. Haven’t tried these personally, but PTs have been recommending them. You can get them here: Zubits – Magnetic Shoe Closures – Never Tie Laces Again!

Alternate Lacing Options – Jared at Hanger has a number of tips on alternate lacing options to receive pressure on different parts of the foot. Here is a graphic he shared:TyingMethods